• 2014 Passenger Car Yearbook and Concept Car Year in Review: 2013
  • Revision:2013 Edition, December 18, 2013
  • Published Date:December 18, 2013
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  • Preface

    Each year, carmakers release new models with increasinglyadvanced technology intended to attract consumer interest andsatisfy increasingly stringent government regulations. Some ofthese technologies are firstsof- their-kind or leading-edge, andstart trends that more companies soon follow—with the innovationsbecoming adopted across the board. In this book, we explore thetechnologies from an OEM and supplier perspective of the newproduction vehicle models released for the 2014 model year.

    This 2014 Passenger Car Yearbook is the second in a series ofbooks that provide snapshots of the direction of the automotiveindustry. Each year, the editors of Automotive EngineeringInternational publish many articles focused on the technology andengineering innovations of new cars, and these articles have beencollected for the first time into this volume as a yearbook.Readers will have, in one publication, a complete overview of thekey advances that took place over the course of one model year.

    Each car manufacturer has its own chapter in which its newmodels are explored in depth. With each new edition of thePassenger Car Yearbook series, we capture the trends and theinnovations that make the automotive industry fascinating to theengineer and the customer.

    2014 Passenger Car Yearbook and Concept Car Year in Review: 2013

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