• 2015 Passenger Car and 2014 Concept Car Yearbook
  • Revision:2014 Edition, November 21, 2014
  • Published Date:November 21, 2014
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  • Preface

    Every year global automakers introduce new or significantlyre-engineered passenger vehicles with increasingly advancedtechnology intended to exceed consumer expectations and satisfyincreasingly stringent government regulations. Some of thesetechnologies are firsts-of-theirkind and start trends that otherautomakers soon follow—with the innovations becoming adopted acrossthe board. The supply community is also increasingly playing a moresignificant role in helping the original equipment manufacturersresearch, develop, and introduce the latest engineering innovationsthat help bring competitive advantage for their automakerpartners.

    Each year, the editors of SAE's Automotive Engineering magazinepublish many articles focused on the technology and engineeringinnovations of new passenger and concept vehicles, and thesearticles have been collected into this volume. This 2015 PassengerCar and 2014 Concept Car Yearbook is the fourth in an ongoingseries of books that provide yearly snapshots of the latest andgreatest technologies introduced by the automotive industry. Inthis book, we explore from an OEM and supplier perspective thenewest and most technically interesting production vehiclesreleased for the 2015 model year. In addition, we also haveincluded a technology-focused recap of the concept cars revealedduring 2014.

    Readers will have, in one publication, a complete overview ofthe key advances that took place over the course of the year fromaround the world. Each new model is profiled in its own chapterwith one or more articles by the award-winning editors andcontributors of Automotive Engineering in this exclusivecompilation of print and online content. The novel engineeringaspects of each new vehicle are explored, with exclusive interviewsof key engineers and product developers providing insights you canonly get from Automotive Engineering.

    This book is published for the most technically-mindedenthusiasts who are interested in new car technologies, as well aspracticing automotive engineers who are interested in newengineering trends. Engineering trends explored focus on whatengineers are doing to meet the sometimes conflicting consumer andgovernmental demands for improved vehicle fuel efficiency,performance, safety and comfort.

    Powertrains are undergoing specific output and electrificationrevolutions. New energy sources are expanding from traditionalgasoline and diesel fuels to electricity and alternative fuels.Onboard and connected electronics and software are transformingvehicles for increased safety and the ever-increasing demands ofconsumers used to the rapid pace of development of consumerelectronics devices. Vehicle interiors are becoming betterextensions of living spaces offering the comfort and conveniencefeatures of home. Bodies and chassis are becoming lighter forefficiency and at the same time more dynamic and comfortable forpassengers. The materials used in the latest vehicles are morediverse than ever and are being used more intelligently for theirintended function. The product development mix of testing andsimulation is becoming more sophisticated with the latestCAD/CAM/CAE techniques allowing far more design and developmentiterations before final testing and validation.

    2015 Passenger Car and 2014 Concept Car Yearbook

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