• A Glossary of Corrosion-Related Terms Used in Science and Industry
  • Revision:1995 Edition, February 1, 1995
  • Published Date:February 1, 1995
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  • Preface

    A Glossary of Corrosion-Related Terms Used in Science andIndustry was compiled to provide those studying or confrontingcorrosion with definitions and descriptions of the terms they mightutilize or encounter in their work. It is intended to be a deskreference for students, scientists, engineers, and laymen needingready access to these idioms. The glossary is comprehensive. Morethan 4000 terms cover scientific and empirical expressions, tradewords, and lesser-known jargon unique to various industries andmaterials subject to corrosion. The glossary also includes termsfrom various engineering disciplines, chemistry, electrochemistry,physics, metallurgy, biology, and earth sciences which are used indiscussing corrosion, its processes, appearances, causes, controls,testing, evaluation, and environmental impact. Synonyms, acronyms,and abbreviations in the corrosion literature are also covered.Proprietary names are restricted to a few in long-term orwidespread usage.

    This glossary began years ago as a personal compilationcollected as I came upon them in a wide range of dictionaries,encyclopedias, word lists, books, journal articles, tradepublications, and in government and industry documents relating tomethods, standards and specifications. I undertook the compilationto use in my own industrial research and teaching careers since nosuch comprehensive glossary was then printed. Believing that othersmight benefit from the collection, I decided subsequently to expandthe effort and put together this glossary for publication. Exceptfor its fundamental scientific expressions, the definitions anddescriptions reflect my best interpretation of a consensus of theirpublished phraseology, specificity, and expansiveness so as to beuseful to a wide audience. While believed accurate, the terms arenot represented as standards or as their only correct pronouncementby either me or the publisher. Both SAE and I welcome suggestionsfor improvement of this work.

    A Glossary of Corrosion-Related Terms Used in Science and Industry

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