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  • Introduction

    Transportation is about making connections. Transportationagencies connect both people and communities – reaching out acrosssectors of society and helping to ensure the health of our society,our economy, and our environment. With such an important role toplay, a transportation agency's decisions touch all aspects ofsociety on a long-term basis. Transportation agencies are goingbeyond compliance – to do the right thing for communities and theenvironment. They are working to ensure that transportationprojects fi t into and enhance their communities and theenvironment.

    Transportation agencies are partnering with other agencies andthe public to advance ecosystem- or watershedbased approaches,ensuring that transportation infrastructure is planned in a mannerthat preserves and increasingly enhances "green infrastructure" –the vital natural resources on which our communities depend.

    At the same time, transportation agencies are takingincreasingly positive steps – on-the-ground actions to preservewildlife or to enhance communities – not because they are required,but because it is the right thing to do. These initiatives arehelping transportation agencies bridge the gap and contribute tothe environmental, social, and economic well-being of theircommunities.

    A look at the numbers shows impressive trends:

    • 27 state transportation agencies have implemented or are inthe process of developing environmental management systems.

    • 41 states have made signifi cant progress in implementingcontext sensitive solutions.

    • 43 transportation initiatives in 30 states have been identified as exemplary ecosystem initiatives.

    • Agencies have identifi ed more than 100 simple actions takento help wildlife along roadways.

    • Over 550 state stewardship and streamlining programs,policies, and initiatives have been documented by the FederalHighway Administration (FHWA).

    • Thousands of environmental stewardship practices, policies,and programs are currently in use by state transportation agenciesfor highway construction and maintenance.

    • More than 17,000 projects to reduce air pollution from motorvehicles have been funded with transportation dollars.


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