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  • Published Date:January 1997
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  • Published By:American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO)
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  • foreword

    In October 1997, the American Association of State Highway andTransportation Officials (AASHTO) and the Federal HighwayAdministration (FHWA) jointly sponsored a two-day executiveworkshop on asset management. The mission of the workshop was toevaluate current asset management practices, technologies, andtools, and to develop a strategy for moving forward a cooperativeasset management initiative. The New York State Department ofTransportation and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute hosted theevent, which brought together high-level officials from AASHTO,FHWA, and state transportation agencies, as well as directors ofnational organizations and professional associations, andrepresentatives of the private sector and academia. This documentsummarizes the deliberations and findings of the workshop, and therecommendations made for moving this initiative forward.

    The October 1997 workshop builds upon the findings of theearlier AASHTO/FHWA Executive Seminar on Asset Management heldduring September 1996 in Washington, D.C. During that initialevent, participants drawn from the leadership of AASHTO, FHWA,state transportation departments, private industry, utilitycompanies, quasi-government organizations, and research andsupplier communities shared experience and expertise to improve thequality of asset management. The results are documented in thepublication entitled, "Asset Management: Advancing the State ofthe Art Into the 21st Century Through Public-Private Dialogue"(USDOT Publication No. FHWA-RD-97-046), which describes the goals,attributes, and usefulness of asset management.


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