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  • Foreword

    In December 1999, the American Association of State Highway andTransportation Officials (AASHTO) and the Federal HighwayAdministration (FHWA) jointly sponsored an executive workshop,Asset Management Peer Exchange: Using Past Experiences to ShapeFuture Practice, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Unlike the earlierworkshops, this peer exchange focused on ongoing asset managementactivities in state transportation agencies. The goal of thisworkshop was to bring representatives of state highway andtransportation agencies together to establish a dialogue with theirpeers involved in asset management activities and to shareexperiences. Through this dialogue, it was projected that the staterepresentatives would develop a greater understanding of assetmanagement tools and processes that would help them to practicebetter asset management.

    Seventy-four representatives of 33 state agenciesparticipated in the workshop, along with staff from theAASHTO, the FHWA, other federal agencies involved with assetmanagement, and private firms and academic institutions who areactively working with a state agency in asset management. The stateparticipants represented a variety of functions within agencies,including engineering; finance, accounting, and budgeting; systemand asset management; policy and programming; planning; operationsand maintenance; design and construction; and materials andresearch.

    This workshop built on two previous workshops held inWashington, D.C., in September 1996 and at Rensselaer PolytechnicInstitute, in October 1997. The first event, the AASHTO/FHWAExecutive Seminar on Asset Management, drew representatives fromthe leadership of the AASHTO, the FHWA, state departments oftransportation, private industry, utility companies,quasi-government organizations, and research and suppliercommunities. These participants shared their experience andexpertise in an effort to improve the quality of assetmanagement.

    The second event brought together high-level officials from theAASHTO, the FHWA, state transportation agencies; directors ofnational organizations and professional associations; andrepresentatives of the private sector and academia. The workshopwas convened to evaluate current asset management practices,technologies, and tools and to develop a strategy for movingforward a cooperative approach to asset management strategy.

    This executive summary provides an overview of the i999 workshopincluding the presentations given at the plenary sessions by guestspeakers and representatives of state agencies and the discussionsthat occurred in the breakout sessions. The workshop is documentedin more detail in a companion document, Proceedings of theAsset Management Peer Exchange Workshop: Using Past Experiences toShape Future Practice.


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