• ASHRAE 90287
  • Revision:2012 Edition, January 2012
  • Published Date:January 2012
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  • Published By:American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)
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  • Introduction

    As interest in building sustainability has increased, so hasinterest in energy modeling as a tool for achieving building energysavings. ASHRAE recognizes the importance of energy modeling to theprocesses for designing, building, operating, and maintainingbuildings and facilities and thus has attempted to create acomprehensive package of resources that includes publications,educational courses, and a certification program.

    ASHRAE's Building Energy Modeling Professional (BEMP) programwas developed in collaboration with the U.S. Affiliate of theInternational Building Performance Simulation Association(IBPSA-USA) and the Illuminating Engineering Society of NorthAmerica (IES). It was designed and developed by subject matterexperts and other stakeholders to assess an individual's mastery ofthe body of knowledge reflecting the best practices that acompetent professional obtains through education and experience.The purpose of the program is to certify an individual's ability toevaluate, choose, use, calibrate, and interpret the results ofenergy modeling software when applied to building and systemsenergy performance and economics and to certify an individual'scompetence to model new and existing buildings and systems withtheir full range of physics/operations.

    While the best teacher of best practices is hands-on workexperience, even the most seasoned professionals may wantadditional resources to support their knowledge bases. BuildingEnergy Modeling: An ASHRAE Certification Study Guidesupplies this additional information by delineating forpractitioners the current editions of standards and otherreferences necessary for building energy modeling and assists inpreparation for ASHRAE's BEMP certification. Note that purchasingthis publication is not required for participation in the BEMPcertification program, and studying the materials in thispublication will not guarantee that a BEMP candidate will earn thecertification.

    Excerpts of the relevant publications are included in the studyguide. For instances in which a whole publication or a significantamount of published material is relevant to a topic, the studyguide provides an explanation of the publication's relevance butdoes not reproduce it in its entirety. Appendix A of this studyguide provides the BEMP certification program's full detailedcontent outline (DCO), which is a blueprint for the certificationexamination. The DCO identifies not only the tasks that a competentenergy modeler should have mastered but also how many examinationitems (out of 100) covering each task area will appear on theexamination. A DCO Matrix is included on the following pages. Itserves as a road map for identifying the essential resources forASHRAE's BEMP certification program. It lays out in a single tablewhich sections of the resources are applicable to the differentsections of the examination.

    ASHRAE 90287

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