• Revision:2005 Edition, 2005
  • Published Date:January 2005
  • Status:Active, Most Current
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  • Published By:American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS)
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  • The Workplace Violence Prevention and Response Guideline appliesto both private and public sector organizations. The guidelineprovides an overview of general policies, structures, and practicesthat organizations can adopt to: (i) help prevent threateningmisconduct and violence affecting the workplace; and (ii) betterrespond to and resolve incidents of threats and violence thatoccur.


    While there is no precise measure of the full extent and cost ofviolence in the workplace, it clearly represents a major challenge,affecting an estimated 1.7 million1 employees directly and millionsmore indirectly every year. Similarly, the benefit of improvedviolence prevention measures in the workplace cannot be calculatedwith precision, since there is no way to count or measure the costof incidents that have been prevented. As a general rule, however,it is beyond reasonable dispute that the costs associated withprevention will be lower than the costs that violence exacts in theform of lost production and earnings, disrupted business activity,damaged morale, and medical and legal expenses. A violent act inthe workplace affects more than just the person or persons who aredirectly threatened or harmed. It affects the entire workforce,damaging the sense of community and trust and employees' confidencethat they will be safe while doing their jobs. In this sense,everyone in the organization is harmed when violence occurs, and,correspondingly, everyone shares in the benefits when violence isprevented. Everyone carries, too, the obligation to keep theworkplace safe and violence-free. The key to an effectiveanti-violence strategy is an integrated approach, drawing on skillsand capabilities from all parts of an organization's structure.This guideline is intended to serve as an educational and practicaltool that organizations can use as a resource in developingpolicies, structures, and practices that will help prevent andmanage the range of inappropriate behaviors that fall within therubric of workplace violence.


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