• Revision:2014 Edition, May 2014
  • Published Date:May 2014
  • Status:Active, Most Current
  • Document Language:English
  • Published By:Process Industry Practices (PIP)
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  • ANSI Approved:No
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    In an effort to minimize the cost of process industryfacilities, this Practice has been prepared from the technicalrequirements in the existing standards of major industrial users,contractors, or standards organizations. By harmonizing thesetechnical requirements into a single set of Practices,administrative, application, and engineering costs to both thepurchaser and the manufacturer should be reduced. While thisPractice is expected to incorporate the majority of requirements ofmost users, individual applications may involve requirements thatwill be appended to and take precedence over this Practice.Determinations concerning fitness for purpose and particularmatters or application of the Practice to particular project orengineering situations should not be made solely on informationcontained in these materials. The use of trade names from time totime should not be viewed as an expression of preference but ratherrecognized as normal usage in the trade. Other brands having thesame specifications are equally correct and may be substituted forthose named. All Practices or guidelines are intended to beconsistent with applicable laws and regulations including OSHArequirements. To the extent these Practices or guidelines shouldconflict with OSHA or other applicable laws or regulations, suchlaws or regulations must be followed. Consult an appropriateprofessional before applying or acting on any material contained inor suggested by the Practice.


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