• SAA AS 1038.22
  • Revision:January 10, 2000
  • Published Date:January 10, 2000
  • Status:Active, Most Current
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  • Published By:Standards Australia International, Ltd. (SAI)
  • Page Count:20
  • ANSI Approved:No
  • DoD Adopted:No

  • This Standard sets out two methods for the determination ofmineral matter in coal, and a method for determination of water ofconstitution.

    The methods for mineral matter determination are as follows:

    (a) Radio-frequency oxygen plasma oxidation.

    (b) Air oxidation (370°C).

    Both methods are known as low-temperature oxidation techniques.The radio-frequency method yields a residue that containsessentially the original unchanged mineral matter of the coal, andis suitable for semi-quantitative analysis of the mineral mattercomposition. Predictable alteration of some minerals occurs in theair oxidation process, and appropriate empirical corrections aremade.


    1 For the applicability of this Standard to lower rank coals,reference should be made to Appendix A.

     2 It is advisable to use the radio-frequency oxygen plasmaoxidation method for coals of high ash, due to significantirreversible loss of water of constitution in the air oxidationmethod.

    SAA AS 1038.22

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